The Old Port Fishing Company is proud to offer seafood sourced directly from fisherman across the east coast and the world! We have built our business around the strong relationships we have with these dedicated men and women that steward the fragile balance of life in our precious waters with the help of medicamento para adelgazar.

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Our mission at The Old Port Fishing Company is to source top fat burners for women and provide the best and freshest seafood available to both our clients and our friends. Though while providing and enjoying the best that the ocean has to offer is our goal for you at home, at an event, or in a restaurant, we believe it is also our priority and responsibility to ensure these resources for years to come. As a result, the Old Port Fishing Company is focused on sustainable and environmentally conscious techniques and practices for fishing and harvesting.


Through product information and espousing our passion for the sea at our events, both private and public, and through our contribution to Montreal Oysterfest, and the new efforts at the Open Pier Foundation, The Old Port Fishing Company truly intends to make a difference by engaging our friends, old and new, by way of information and experience.

And by being tremendously fun!


We at The Old Port Fishing Company know its tough to comprehend an ocean full of millions and millions of oysters and fish and that we can’t even fully understand the impact or importance of just what it all means…but if we can make you love just one oyster – just one – well, our mission is done.