The Old Port Fishing Company is both a wholesale service to restaurants and institutions, and a full service oyster bar caterer. We also design and sell custom  shucking stations for your restaurant or catering company!


Whether you’re a group of five passionate oyster lovers on a back patio, or a group of ten who want lessons on how to shuck in your own home kitchen, or a group of 1,400 who need thousands of oysters shucked to perfection, the Old Port Fishing Company is for you. We’re lucky to have a great team working with us at The Old Port Fishing Company and they’re extremely passionate about what they do and its the reason we have many clients ask us to return again and again.


The Old Port Fishing Company prides itself on attempting to source the best and most fresh ingredients for all our clients and friends. From beautiful fresh bluefish caught seasonally off the coast of Massachusetts, to crawfish out of the gulf of Texas. From amazingly rare Nantucket Bay scallops to BC Spot Prawns.

Never forgetting however that we pride ourself most on our amazing oysters – the relationships that we have built over the past years have allowed us great insight and connection to the best fishermen and the most passionate of harvesters. From BC to Ireland, and Grand Isle to Prince Edward Island, with hops as far as Alaska and New Zealand, we consider ourselves lucky to have them not only as suppliers, but friends.

Shucking Stations

Our new line of oyster bars, both current models and custom made works, are geared towards sustainability and the environment as well. While we can use marble for your surface, we encourage our poured concrete. While many kinds of wood, including bamboo are possible, we also work with recovered wood so our impact on the environment can be further reduced.

Let us know what your needs or interest are and your oyster becomes your world.